Wednesday, October 15, 2008

love or ocd?

Mushy re-organized my closet. He then gave me a lesson on how to keep it organized. I love the new layout of the closet, but I have to wonder..... Did he do this because he loves me? He knew that every woman would dream to have a big closet with well organized clothing filling it up? Or did he do this because my side of the closet was driving him nuts, and after two years of taking it he finally gave in and spent the afternoon organizing? Well either way, I love it! Thanks Mushy!


Hannah said...

That is awesome!!! It is for sure because he loves you. Cam and I are opposite of you guys. My clothes are right where they should be and he gets in trouble if he tries to put any of my clothes away. He messes it all up :)

Veeda said...

That's super nice of Muffy. It even looks a little color coordinated!


I had a dog named Muffy when I was a kid. My vote is on Aarons OCD NOT love. JK I love all your photography!! your very talented! come check out my sweet blog!!

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