Tuesday, November 11, 2008

spanish fork?

I ran into a friend from a few years back last weekend. When i told him what was new with me and my hub bub, including the news that we owned a home in Spanish Fork I was shocked by his reply! "Spanish Fork? He replied, I never pictured you as the type of person to live in Spanish fork!" and then followed it up by saying, "jeez I thought you were a big city type of girl."
Lame- I thought to myself, even someone I havn't seen in 4 years knows that I am definatley too big for my little town. Then I thought to my self- whatever. I am happy with the small town muffy. Mostly because I get to be with the small town Mushy. What about you? Are you where you thought you would be? Or still planning where you will end up?

This is my house in the little city.

This is me in a big city.


Steph and Brock said...

Silt, Colorado...need I say more!?! Not exactly where I thought I'd end up either...lol.

Wilks Family said...

Gilbert, Arizona...I think there might be a few more moves in my life...but it is a nice spot for now. At least we don't get snow!

Anonymous said...

You know, I pretty much knew I would now be living near my parents. Where I would be I didn't know. But I gotta say, I'm pretty happy! Just wondering, and you can call me with this one. Do I know this friend?

Bekah said...

Ah...I recognize that big city (as I silently weep for nostalgia). I'd love to end up in Europe, but as the dental market over there isn't exactly hopping, we're thinking about one of the coasts. We're taking suggestions, as we have to be there in 18 months...yikes.

Wendle said...

You know, you did always strike me as the big city girl but maybe we end up where we are supposed to and the truth is, is that we can be happy anywhere as long as we are with the one we love.

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