Friday, December 26, 2008

The season is almost over.....

We had a very fun Christmas this year. On Christmas eve we had Mushy's family over. We had great food, and watched the Dark night. Well, everyone else watched it. I alternated between sleeping, and then I would wake up-eat something- and fall asleep again. It was a very enjoyable movie!
On Christmas, we hung out with my family. My brothers family that we rarely see got to be in town, so it was an extra large group of us this year. We all took turns opening presents, laughing, and feeling sentimental. I love to see Mushy interact with my family. He is so loving and kind to the little ones, and Grandma. And he can fit in with the teasing brothers, and hold his own.

My favorite part about Christmas with Mushy, is spending so much time with him. I don't remember the last day off we had together. It must have been weeks ago. We slept in until almost 11:00, exchange presents, gave the puppies there Christmas morning treats, and then got back into bed to cuddle and start watching our new House series. It was our 4th Christmas together. Every Christmas Mushy gives me presents that are similar to things I have pointed out to him. But he never gives me the exact same items. don't know how he does it, but he always finds a different style or design that I have never seen- and of course I always end up loving it even more than the original! This year I got some boots and a bracelet! I loved both of them- they are perfect!

This year, I could not find anything good to give Mushy. I decided I was going to give him a leather jacket. And then he bought it himself. Then, I decided to get him a new x-box game. and he borrowed it from someone at work. I got him a couple shirts from the Gap, and he bought them the same day! At this point I was exhausted! I didn't know what to do- but then a light bulb went off. He always complained that his Ipod was dying at work. So I hopped into the apple store, and found an Ipod Charger that could hook straight up to the wall-it did not even need the computer! I was so excited! I was convinced that he did not even know that this existed, otherwise he would have bought it for himself! So as I sat anxiously awaiting for him to open I could not help myself, and I told him that "this was the best idea that I had ever had!" I just knew that he would love it, and would think I was the smartest, and most observant wife ever. And so as he opened it, I blurted out what it was and why it was so great. Mushy looked at me with big eyes that seemed to apologize, and said " I know, I have one at work."
And just like that, I knew...I would never surprise him again.


laura said...

that is too funny about your lack of ability to surprise aaron! and i thought loren was hard to buy for....
we sure had fun seeing you guys this christmas! we are really sad we didn't come see your house. we will plan better next time.
meanwhile, focus your thoughts on warm places...disney world....beaches......

Mari said...

Oh no!! Lol, sorry you weren't able to surprise him. Better luck next year!
You look really pretty in that picture by the way.

Wendle said...

Ugh! Yours is more extreme than mine but I had this same problem with my bf (gasp, yes I do have one and it's lasting!) this Christmas. The only thing I heard him say he wanted was a big pot (he loves to cook). So I bought him a really nice one from Williams Sonoma. After he opened it, same thing, he had already bought it. :(

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