Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mommy's play date.

So, I have this week off, and I have been wondering what to do with my self. I was outside sitting in one of my front porch rockers, just enjoying the sunshine. When I saw all of these women pulling up to the house across the street. Some of them were pushing strollers, some of them drove. I realized I was witnessing a day in the life of the stay at home mom. At least the stay at home mom in my neighborhood. As I sat an rocked I wondered what it would be like if I had a baby. Would these women wave and shout a hello my way ( which, even though they clearly saw me, they did not wave or shoot any salutations) would they invite me over for..... who know what? Baby weighing contests? Little baby parades? Pageants? All I know, is that for me. Little ole' me. Mommy of two dogs, full time worker, and a wife. That the world of mommies is a complete mystery to me.

notice to the woman getting out of her car, and NOT waving at me.


Chadlock said...

don't worry I just got back from the neighborhood park were EVERY mom with kids from my ward was at obviously I was out of the invite loop and had to sit on the curb while they all talked sitting together on blankets. I did get a hello but was definitely on the outside and I have a kid! So don't feel to bad about it.

Hannah said...

I would have invited you over!

laura said...

i would wave!

Mrs.Allen said...

I'm with Laura. Put yourself out there girl.

Emily said...

I don't have kids either and I feel the same way... :)
By the way, I miss you and we need to play... since of course, we don't have children to have a mommy playdate!

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