Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Mushy and I never really do anything for Valentines day. I usually schedule myself to close that night, so that my team can go be lovey dovey. We feel like we always let each other know how we feel, we do nice things for each other, and never go with out a special treat now and again. So we don't really feel the need to spend a alot of money, and hang out with a billion other people on valentines day. But I must admit, that after carrying a very cute, thoughtful and lovely card that I picked out for my hubby, almost 2 weeks in advance, that I was wishing that maybe we would celebrate too. All night at work, I was so excited to give him the card I picked out, and secretly wished that he would do something unexpected for me. I knew deep down in my heart however, that my practical husband would stick to his guns, and not get me anything.
When I got home that night, and I excitedly told him I got him something. " Muffin, he sighed, are you going to make me feel bad for not getting you anything again this year?" I told him he had nothing to worry about, but that I saw the card, and could not resist. He liked the card, and we hung it on the fridge. Then almost 15 min later, I opened the fridge to get a glass of chocolate milk, and there, sitting on the bottom shelf was a card. The letter M. was printed on top, and it was taped to some type of packaging. My face must have looked nuts, I was so excited. I pulled out the box and inside was ..........

My favorite kind of cheese cake ever! We only have 1 cheesecake factory in Utah, and its 1 hour away. And there was a 45 min wait , once you were in line for pick up, until you could get your order. But my unassuming, sneaky Mushy, made the trek, and picked me up something, that he knew would be special to me. And you know what happened. I fell in love all over again. I guess that is what Valentines day is all about.


Steph and Brock said...

so cute. and SO thoughtful.

Chadlock said...

That is so cute!!!

Mari said...

Oh, that is so cute! What a wonderful husband. And way to have good taste in desserts! I approve.

laura said...

you have a good husband! when are you coming to visit?

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