Thursday, April 2, 2009


Can I just say, that I am not a huge fan of CHET. For those of you who don't know him, he was on the Real World, on MTV this past season. Outspoken, and defiantly over dressed, Chet is an LDS boy from SLC. He spoke openly about being LDS, and his values. He did a good job keep up with his strong values while on the show. 

 I never saw him drinking, smoking, or doing anything inappropriate with anyone else. For those of you who remember Julie, from the New Orleans. You will remember that she did not keep up with her faith. After her season ended, she openly poked fun at the church, and her former religion. 
Anyway, back to CHET. He did stay true to himself the entire show, which was cool. I just found him irritating. I also found EVERY wardrobe choice he made irritating. 
Did you watch this season? If you didn't, your not missing much. But if you did, what did you think of CHET?


Chadlock said...

I tried watching this season but every time I did I just got REAL bored and thought most of the cast was LAME! Maybe its just me I don't know.

Dustin and Cassie said...

I hated everything he wore, mainly because it either involved a bowtie (sp) or a lavender shirt/ or scarf and a vest!

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