Friday, October 9, 2009

DIY project & Halloween

Well, for starters. It is October 09. 2009. Time to pull out the halloween decorations. I am not a huge halloween decorator. But these little ghosts were so cute I could not say No.

That is it as far as Halloween goes. But I do have a very festive harvest wreath I put on the front door. Once again. This is it as far as Harvest goes, but I am counting down the days until I can decorate for christmas!

Now on to the DIY project. I painted my Kitchen grey. I also put up a print that my dad made years and years ago. it used to hang in my grandmas house. I always loved it and my dad gave it to me for christmas a few years ago. I am glad I finally found a home for it.

Do you guys like the addition to the kitchen? I thought it warmed it up a little bit. I also brought my plants in from the front porch for the winter, and I like them so much inside I might have to figure out something else for the porch next summer.

I finally got around to re-finishing a trunk that I got from my grandmas house. When I got the trunk it was covered in HOT pink fabric, ribbon and tassels. After I took all the fabric off , it looked like this.

I sprayed it down with a solid black, and used it as a base for my new picture wall.

Guess what? My seed turned into a real lawn!!!! It really worked!

Well, thats it. That is what has been going on in my life and house, in a nutshell. What are you doing to get ready for fall?


Whitehead Family Fun said...

Love the house. Can't wait until I am out of an apartment and actually have a house to decorate, although I'm not to good at it so maybe I will just give you a call. Hope all is well but it looks like it is.

laura said...

that looks fabulous! i want to come see it again. hooray for the lawn! i love your kitchen and the new picture, too.

Grandma Sandy said...

my dear girl, next time you get the desire to paint and remodel please come to my house and strip the wallpaper off in the music room. It will look so much better painted. love your design

Emily said...

Wow! I haven't read your blog in forever. This is so fun. Wait... where is that chest? What room... ?

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