Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween at our house.

I had to work this Halloween! Major bummer!
Mushy stayed home. He answered the door and took out handed out treats to all of our neighbor kids. He may have stopped answering the door when it came to trick-or-treater # 459- yes we have that many kids in the neighborhood.

The puppies thought they got out of dressing up this year for halloween. But I couldn't help myself. Yes, It is 11:00 at night. The holiday is almost over.....

could you resist putting these outfits on them?



Kassie and Jordon said...

I got the Pier 1 Christmas cataloge in the mail today. It looked like your house :) and made me think of you!

The Blakes said...

Hi Mir! I just love those doggies. I laughed out loud at you popping up with your pup for the camera...brought back so many fun times. (Mostly sauna times) You look great!

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