Thursday, June 3, 2010

Announcement !!!!!

While I have slightly jumped off the blogging bandwagon the past few months. I have actually been mulling over the idea of creating a new blog. Now that it is set up I would officially like to invite you to preview ...... drum roll please.

Check it out!

p.s. Its finally sunny in Utah! I am officially getting a suntan line from my seatbelt! I can't believe that it was snowing a week ago- it feels like it turned into summer over night!

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I always had aspirations to make it big. Learn French. Move to Paris- for good. Instead, I met my soul mate, and our two lives became one. We decided to make it small, and moved to a little city. The inspiration for this blog came to me, while I was driving on an old country road with the top down and my man at the wheel. As the fields flew by, and the the Wasatch Mountains glowed in the Sunset. I realized that I may never be able to speak French and I will never move to Paris but I had made it big after all. This blog is dedicated to all the little things that make small town living beautiful.