Sunday, June 29, 2008

Before and after...Bathroom Edition.

Our Master bathroom prodject is finally coming to a close! I still have a little bit of last minute details to add, an accessory here and there, But I could not wait to post these!
So here is the before.....a little dark and dreary..

And after.....a real bathroom, like a grown up would have!

Do you think its an improvment?


Mrs.Allen said...

You guys are so talented. The tile looks great. When are you coming to fix my green bathroom?

Steph&Brock said...

This looks awesome...but everything you do always does! I need to call you...hope you are doing well. Love ya.

Hannah said...

I think you should go to the county office and get your name legally changed to Bob Villa. The tile looks amazing!!! You have done a terrific job with the entire house. You have impeccable taste and great style. Anyway, well done Bob!

Wendle said...

Wow! Great work M! I always knew you were meant to be a decorator :) hahaha.

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