Thursday, August 7, 2008

Old friends.

Last night Aaron and I had the chance to hang out with all the guys he hung out with growing up. They are all married now, some have kids. Some still play the most hilarious pranks (hense the giant brown bear), some are moving on with grown up jobs, while others are still finishing up school. But they all have a fountain of hilarious memories of each other, I love hearing them crack up as they tell about what it was like growing up in their neighbor hood. What they did for fun, the games they made up, the campouts they went on. The stories are endless. I have a sense of loss, that I missed so many years of my husbands life. I wish I was there for all of them. Although if I was there, I am sure they would have ganged up on me, and pushed me off into the rose bushes in a mean game of blanket tag! Good luck to the familys moving out of state! And thank you to all for helping me get a to hear about piece of Aarons youth.

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Hannah said...

This is Cam. I am so glad you brought your camera and got a picture of all of us. That night was a blast! I am glad we made it happen. Also, don't worry too much about getting ganged up on in blanket tag, we only reserved that for what you would call "special friends" and you wouldn't have fallen into that category!

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