Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Favorite of the week # 6

Today I had some time to kill between doing a little photo shoot and picking up Mushy from work, and thought I would play around with my camera a bit. I learned how to use my self timer on my camera last weekend, and so I finally got to shoot at this warehouse; that I have been dying to use as a backdrop! So the Favorite of the week is.... the self timer on my camera! Yeah! 


laura said...

you are so cute. speaking of photo shoots, loren's computer died (the one with our pictures from christmas on it). do you think you could send us a disk or something with the family pictures on it? thanks!

Anonymous said...

love the backdrop choice. You've always been so good at choosin places to take photos, a talent i am very jelous of.

P-Cute said...

looking hawt! it was so nice to see you last week. I hope all those labels got stuck and all is well in Mushy and Muffy Land.

Wendle said...

Love this picture!

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