Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This mothers day we got to do one of our favorite things. We went on a walk though the Avenues in Salt Lake. I was inspired by all the beautiful landscaping. I think Mushy was too, because he has been very focused on our "Weed Problem" this week. 

Nothing like a good self taken picture. Mushy looks so cute in this  picture. I LOVE you babe! Also, on a side note- this is the first time my nose has ever looked big. Maybe I have been fooling myself all these years into thinking I had a petite nose. I guess they say that ears and noses never stop growing, so maybe I should get ready for a long life of nose growing.

" I love you a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck"
My grandma used to sing this song to me when I was little. She would wrap my little arms around her neck and give me a big kisses every time the song said "peck".  Mushy looks at me a bit crazy when I try this routine out on him, but I figure I need to teach him now so he can help pass it on to our babies. Oh how I love my Grandma. She is such a wonderful woman. She has had a very long- 95 years- life. She was widowed early, and never took off her wedding band. She is a tremendous example of faith, disapline, and love. I hope I can make her proud someday, and that my life will be as full as hers. I love you grandma! 

Also- I did not get a picture of my mom on Mothers day, so I pulled on from our Grand Canyon trip. For mothers day I gave my mom a handmade short story. It was titled, "Why my Mom is the BOMB . com." It was hard explaining to my dad what that meant. Its true though, I really do love my mom. She has always been a mom first and a friend second. I could never ask for anything more from her. She is such a great listener, and she gives me the best advice. She continues to share her love and knowledge with me. I will never grow to old to be held by her and cuddled. (Although I think I am a bit to large for her lap now." I can  only hope that someday when I am a mom, that I can teach my babes to be as loving and kind as my mom continues to teach me. I love you mom- I hope you had a great Mothers day, surrounded by those who love you! 

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Mari said...

For the record I've always thought that you had a super cute petite nose. :)

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