Sunday, June 7, 2009

a love story.

  I have been reading a book about my grandmas life, written b y my grandma. Who else? She wrote out her memories for her posterity to read, and learn from. Do you know what I learned today? My dad and I both had dogs names Whimpy, when we were little. I also learned that she could never control her weeds until she started to use "Round- Up", which was a new product when she started using it! More than the ins and out of her everyday life, I am learning about her internal strength. Reading her journal entrees from the year her husband passed is heart breaking.  Something that hit home to me today is when she talked of all the little things she had cried about in life, and realizing that she had been silly. When faced with living with out her Gove, nothing in the world seemed worth crying over.  Her life is a love story. In every part of her being, her faith, and her strength were intertwined with love. It was all for Gove

I have been pondering about my own life. If someone where to write about my life, what genre would it take on? Romance, comedy, mystery, Sci Fi, Harlequin? (defiantly not the last one!)  Is my story one that will be told for years to come?  What I can be sure of, is that I would be the heroine of the story. I love the lime light, so its the perfect role for me! I can only hope that I can be as admirable as my grandma is. I hope for a long life full of family, and love. We are all writing our own stories, day by day. What kind of story are you? 

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