Sunday, June 7, 2009

Save the Sass for Kass


I love Kassie's commitment to her husband, her family, and her friends. Kass is the type of woman who does everything 100 %, and once she is committed to you, she will be there forever.  I love that after not seeing Kassie for 5 years or so, I could just start talking with her again, like I saw her last week.  An eager listener, its easy to open up and share your life with her because you know that she is sincere, and really cares about what you are saying. 
Kassie is well spoken , and Strong in her opinions. I have always admired the way that she can get her thoughts across, and never shy away from letting us know exactly where she stands! I hope someday I can be like Kassie, full of confidence, self assurance,  and love for others. 

I took the liberty of posting a pic of your baby. I can't wait to hear your babies them song. Also- you say that you read these blogs, but you NEVER comment!!!! When are you going to start blogging? We all think your life is interesting and want to hear about EVERYTHING that is going on!!! At least send out an email and let us know if you have found out what you are having yet! I am betting a boy.

For a the full effect copy and paste this link.

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Tart & Vic said...

I sometimes comment, I just can't keep up with the blogging community! Thank you for your lovely post, it's making me feel really cool right now :) I'm going to make Jordon read it! And so far, my baby has only continued to manifest itself in my dreams as the Ally McBeal baby :( I was hoping to have an ultrasound by now to reassure myself that I won't be giving birth to a robot, but I have to wait another month. But I'll let you know when I find out HE or SHE!

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