Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Vitamin E, Its good for the soul.


My Em, yes that is how I think her. Actually I think that is how every one thinks of Emily. What a talent she has, to make those around her feel like they are the coolest person in the room! With such an infectious laughter we can barely get though a  story before we are all cackling in hysteria. She is such an inspiration to me. Who decides they are going start training for a marathon one day- and then follows through with so much dedication!  Seriously lady- its impressive.  But more than that, she inspires me with the dedication she shows to her convictions.  She lives her beliefs day in and out, and everything she does is influenced by them. Emily inspires me to be a better person, to be more humble, friendly and loving to others. 

"mamma knows baby, mamma knows"

Em, Remember when we made a pact that we would meet at Sonic, the fast food place in Orem? I can't remember the day now of course, but I do remember the anticipation for the day to come. I remember wondering if you would remember to meet me, and thinking that if you did we would become real friends. Not just friends because we were stuck in Paris together, but friends because we wanted to be! I remember my seeing you pull up in your little Jetta, and thinking- "YES- Im not a loser for remembering and waiting here for 10 min." 
 Thank you for remembering to meet me at sonic, and thanks for the friendship we have had through the years. You are the best, in the West....... ( I think we know who the best North, East and South are...)


Natalie and Ryan said...

Oh...once again this makes me miss you, and Paris, and Em, and Bekah, and Patience, and Kassie, even though, once again, I was the random loner. How cute. I love how you write about her. My favorite memory of Em is us in a cave Pizza place in Aix when she was flirting/talking w/ those crazy parisian boys and we just sat and giggled cuz her laugh is contagious, but we had no idea what was going on.

Emily said...

Oh Miranda! I just love you! Thanks! You're the best. That picture of the gold head thing is cracking me up so hard right now... LOL!! I still have it. Oh my.
I totally remember that day at Sonic. I didn't want to go along so I tagged along someone (Brittany (sis) perhaps?) I was so ecstatic when I saw you there with your brother. I knew we'd be friends forever... and real friends. Thanks for always being there for me! :)

Emily said...

Oh and one more thing
"mama knows, mama knows"
Oh so many poor people pressed against my bosoms for a bit of sympathy. haha.

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