Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Step#2- A wee bit of seed

Mushy and I have been working very hard in our yard lately. Then next step to our masterpiece has been completed, and we laid some seed! Call us old fashioned, or just cheap. But we thought trying some seed was the way to go!  I will post when we start seeing some growth. 

An update on the front door. It is now grey. What do you think? Mushy really misses the Red. he thought it was fun to be different than ever other house in the neighborhood. Even my neighbor weighed in on the door dilemma today. When reading this dialog, keep in mind that he his British with a thick accent.

neighbor:"yer painted yer dur"

me: "yeah- we did."

Neighbor: " I liked the Red"

me: "Yeah we kind of miss the red too."

neighbor: "yer should paint it back"

me: "we'll see! you never know what color it will be next week"

So that was pretty much the conversation. Please keep in mind this was the first time I have talked with him! It was very nice introduction! What do you think? Do you like the grey? Scroll down to one of my older posts the compare to the red! 


Gracewanderer said...

I liked the red too.

Bekah said...

The red rocked and is totally you, M. Grey's fine to, but doesn't do the two of you cool cats justice. :)

Anonymous said...

I liked tghe red. Yer should paint it back.

Natalie and Ryan said...

Oh my gosh! I'm so excited for you and so sad at the same time...I'm a total loser at keeping in touch. Those girls all look so great and I wish I could have seen them. I was like the random USU girl when we went to Paris and think I was a little bit of a loner, but I still would love to see everyone! Especially you! I need Emily's email or blog or whatever she has too. Ah, the memories. My blog for you is coming. Patience my child. I love both colors, and change is always good.

Steph and Brock said...

sorry, red fer me tu.

p.s. we planted grass seed in our back yard too...we were too cheap to buy the real deal. I'm hoping ours decides to grows too.

Chadlock said...

I like the grey but I like the red better! Is so you!

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