Sunday, May 31, 2009

Queen B.

A combination of smooth, silky speech, beautiful stories, and inspiring ambition.  Bekah is the type of person that makes you feel smart, funny a special all at the same time. But in actuality, every one who comes into contact with Bekah, walks away aspiring to be a better person. She is creative, beautiful and genuine. Now that she is a mother, she has only grown in her strength and influence. Thank you for being such a strong example of strength, compassion and humility. 

Remember that one time, when we went to Florence together? That has some pretty spectacular memories. I don't think I have ever eaten so much in a weekend. Talk about a perma bloat.  Do you remember our morning  "hot chocolate"? It was like chugging from a Hershey syrup bottle!  p.s. Thanks for letting me in on that little adventure! 


Emily said...

I love B too! What a hottie!
I love that pic of you guys... how fun!

Bekah said...

I love you M. Hehe, I think I look like an elf in that second picture...just like my teenie-bopper crush, Legolas. Ahhhh...Florence. Loved living in that 18th century villa for the weekend!

Emily said...

You totally look like an elf.. but in a very cute way ;)

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