Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just a little Patience

 I remember meeting Patience in Paris, and thinking she was defiantly the most coolest girl I had ever met. I distinctly remember writing in my journal, that I hoped she would find me interesting enough to be my friend! I love her  humor, her wit, her honesty and especially her sincerity. Patience is very smart, and has a way of speaking that really draws you into what she is saying. I love how she is so willing to love and accept every one, not because she has to, but she truly wants to love and serve those around her! Patience shows so much love for her family and friends, and she even showed a little love to the ying and the yang. They welcome her back anytime! 

Oh Patience- look at your bangs! You looked so spunky! A very good representation of the fire cracker you really are! 


Bekah said...

I thought the exact same thing about PP. I envied her bangs so badly...I'd look like an idiot with them...I'd forgotten all about the Peter Pan stance! We love you Poops!

P-Cute said...

OH stop it! Miranda you are so sweet :). I love those pictures, they bring back so may french memories. I can't stop blushing! Listen my friend, next week I am going back to Utah for a wedding and will be staying with Emily. We should all get together! You are too kind to me, and ps- you have a lot of those qualities you say I have. xoxo

Emily said...

Yeah! We definitely should do another round of Cafe Rio eh?
I love you Patience!
Miranda, this is such a cute idea, maybe that's how I'll officially start my blog... by telling about everyone who has harassed me to have one. ;)

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