Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Favorite of the week # 7

Old Friends:
 A few weeks ago, I had the great privilege of hanging out with a fabulous group of ladies. Some women that I met while studying in Paris,  6 years ago! In the past six years we have all gone in different directions, all married. Some have kids- or are in the process of a growing family. It was a complete delight to find that I still felt so connected to each one. I have not seen some of them for years and years, and it felt like it had only been a week or so. Since being married I have often felt like I have married my best friend, but that I have no "friends." I know that I could focus on work less, and make more of an effort to meet new people, and develop relationships. but I have found it hard, and sometimes lonely. Thank you ladies for helping me remember that I am fun, that I have a voice, that is worth listening to! And for making me feel cool- cool enough to hang out with you! I have written a little ode to each of you and will post them every couple days! 


Anonymous said...

No friends? Excuse me? I know we don't chat all that often but come on now! Love you friend.

Bekah said...

That's right sweet cheeks! You are the coolest, hottest babe I know. SO glad we got to get together...miss you tons already!



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