Friday, May 22, 2009

Step #1

The 1st step to our house being fabulous is complete. The front porch. I finally filled my planters yesterday, after sitting empty for a year or so. I think I am going t re-paint my front door again. While it has been fun to have the ONLY red door in the neighborhood-  feel like its messing up the color flow of the house. So I was thinking of a dark grey maybe. What do you think?

I even used used water efficient plants! 
More pictures of the yard to come. We are working on a retaining wall for the back yard this weekend. Well, Mushy is working on it, I have to work the entire weekend. Have I mentioned lately that I love Retail?


Emily said...

What - no invite to work on the retaining wall?! haha. :)
I like your red door... but I'll support your dark gray decision.
If Mushy wants help this weekend, we're coming back from camping in the early afternoon... we could still come over...........

laura said...

that looks fabulous. i love how artistic and creative you are. i like the red door.........but i can see what you i will let you paint it grey if you must. and, you can still come visit us. i will make loren do a snake-search before you come.

Chadlock said...

i vote yes to the grey door! Love the planters wanna come do my front yard?

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