Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our recent adventure

Do you know where this lovely fountain is? Do you have memories, or perhaps memorabilia/ photos of you sticking your head in this fountain as a child? If so, then you have, #1: Probably grown up in Utah 2: you have visited the Hogle Zoo.  

Mushy and I went to the zoo recently, and even brought Mushy's sister, J. While Mushy and I were in agreement that the black bears were the best animals of the day, J loved the penguins.  While these were the favorite animals to observe of the day, the photos taken did not do them justice and therefore, will not be posted. 

However, these two lovelies were gracious enough to pose for me, and help me get some fab. shots of them. There is something about the distinctive markings on both these animals, that add to their beauty and grace. 

We got snow cones........

We tried on some festive hats. I wanted to buy one to work in the garden, but felt like they were a little over priced. Let me know if your going to china town anytime soon!

Over all, a beautiful day at the zoo.  There is nothing like spending the afternoon with HUGE exotic and exciting animals to make you feel like a kid again. There were so many times that i found us cooing at one animals or another. I kept shouting for Mushy to come over to where I was to look at the cute animal, and what it was doing. What is it about adorable things that make us feel like we have to call everyone over to take a  look? I guess I don't want to be selfish, and I want everyone to feel the excitement and joy that I am feeling at that moment. Thank you mushy for taking me to the zoo, and running around with me like we are a bunch of big kids.
Oh, by the way, I finally cut my hair! Thank you for all the encouragement. I love it, and am much happier. however this picture above does not quite give it  justice- so when I get a good one I will post it for you to check out! hope you are all enjoying your summer, and having many small adventures along the way!


laura said...

i love the hair. and i totally knew what that drinking fountain was even before i read the post. i loved it when i was a kid!

Michelle said...

oh, the fond memories of birthdays spent at the zoo.

you've inspired me to go again, perhpas tomorrow even.

love the hair.

Mari said...

Ha! I totally do have a picture of me drinking from that fountain as a child. So awesome. And I too love your hair! Excellent choice to cut it again.

Anonymous said...

I totally though the picture did it justice! It looks really cute! What can I say, you and I will never be long hair people. And I totally love the picture of the girafe. It looks like something you would see in a magazine. You and the hubby look cutre together.

Amber W. said...

Fun! I love the zoo. Your hair looks super cute, too!

Steph and Brock said...

fun fun! you and aaron are adorable. loving the hairdo...but what can i say, i have ALWAYS loved your hair short.

ps. sorry again about this weekend :(

Grandma Sandy said...

my favorite part of taking you kids to the zoo was the groundhog part. Do they still have that? you know where the kids crawled around and peeked up out of the ground in those plastic bubble things

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