Sunday, July 19, 2009

Some grass, paintings and wrinkles.

Our little seed grass has grown! While it looks nice and thick...

Most of it looks like this. Spotty, and filled with weeds. I'm hoping that it will continue to grow in and the weeds will get pushed out. Its nice having some grass. It feels more like a home!
I have been in a painting mood. I painted the wall in my dining room a darker grey. Although it has turned out a little blue. 
On to the other paintings. I have been painting this year.  I have found such a sense of accomplishment with every painting I finish. It fuels my creativity and help me focus it on something, rather than a hundred things. 
I finished these two a while ago, but finally hung them up today. This is our updated bedroom. It is still in the process of being finished. Maybe I will get some good ideas on the new season of Design Star!
Lastly, I would publicly like to thank my dad for these lovely wrinkles he gave me on my forehead. With out them, I would look so much younger, and more lady like! Thanks Dad! 


laura said...

i love seeing what you are doing decorating-wise in your house. when are you going to teach me how to paint fun things?

Lindsey said...

LOVE the paintings and the hair! You are so talented! We really need to hang out!!!

Anonymous said...

What? When you say that you are painting do you mean the two pieces of artwork I saw hanging on your walls? Wow girl, those are really really good. I mean, I shouldn't be suprised, look who I am talking about. Do you wanna paint something for my house? You're welcome to come down here anytime and help me with design tips. Heaven knows Jaren and I need them. Anyways, died laughing when I read the wrinlke comment. don't worry, I got the never ever go away tummy roll from my mom. I'd switch you with the forehead rolls anyday.

Steph and Brock said...

Thanks for posting, i always get inspiration to do something to my house when i see yours... honestly you have such a gift for that stuff!! love it and love your paintings!

too funny about the wrinkles.... i'm getting them myself :( i hate getting old :(

procrock said... more thing. i been thinking A LOT about this, and i really think you should apply to be on Design Star! Please tell me you'll consider!?!

laura said...

the triathlon is a 400 meter swim (easy, except it's in the ocean--yikes), 12 mile bike, and 5k run. wish me luck! i didn't give myself very much training time because i knew i'd chicken out, so i signed up for one at the end of august. you should fly out some time and we'll do one together!

Michelle said...

love the wall, love the paintings, love your hair.

Wendle said...

I feel ya on the wrinkled forehead, Good thing you still look beautiful!

Btw- I love the dining room wall.

Ryan, Natalie, and Mae said...

What the? Will you teach me how to paint? You have so many creative talents. And I'm dead serious about teaching me...I will come to you and pay you.

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