Sunday, August 9, 2009

Favorite of the week#9

Soundtrack to todays adventure: Kings of Leon. 

Today we went on a little road trip to Mt. Pleasant and spent the afternoon with my Brother Chris, and his wife Rachel. They live in a little ol'house there in Mt. Pleasant. Which they are currently renovating one room at a time. Rachel has an awesome sense of design, and her house looks incredible. She has been able to fuse old world, with new to create a shabby chic/garden chic haven. I took a few shots for you, so that you could get a feeling of why it is my favorite this week.  

After checking out the house, we went on a drive and ate lunch up the canyon. Nothing like a Sunday drive with a view. 

Yes, I finally did it. I bought white jeans. What do you think? Are they me? Do I look ridiculous? 


P-Cute said...

I love the jeans. I would totally do it if it wasn't for the g's. Sigh. Anyways, you two look so happy :). I love little road trips with my lover. I miss you!! I miss my friends.... xo

laura said...

before you even asked about the jeans, i was going to tell you i loved them. the necklace, too. and rachel's house.

Anonymous said...

okay seriously, you look smokin' hot in those jeans. Wana come help me with my wardrobe? I could really use the help.

Mari said...

I love the jeans! They are so you and you look hot in them.

Steph and Brock said...

thats the first thing i noticed...those cute white jeans that is. you look hot! love them, want them!

Ryan and Danielle said...

Miranda you take awesome need to teach me a thing or two!

Wendle said...

It was so wonderful to run into you at the store last week! It my quick trip that much better!

And to answer your question, you look fantastic in those jeans! And I love the shots of you and your hubby up in the canyon. Very classy. Very you. :)

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