Monday, August 24, 2009

I have a problem

I am an impulsive, compulsive, nothing held back shopper.  When Mushy has approached me about this in the past, I tell him that if he had any idea how many things I didn’t buy every day he would be very appreciative!” While Mushy fails to recognize that not buying EVERY thing I like as a good thing, I have stuck by my motto and continued shopping. After years of careless, reckless shopping and failed budget attempts I started looking for a deeper reasons for my compulsiveness.

 After thinking about some of my recent purchases I realized I do not see purchases as being connected to money. I tend to think of them as investments….. as well as potential memories, or experiences.



Café styled Drinking Carafes: A potential dinner party with many very trendy, happy and funny guests.


New desk for the loft: The endless hours I will be able to work on photography, Photoshop in the loft, while Mushy watches T.V.  Priceless time together.


Re-usable shopping bags: The looks of adoration I will get at the grocery store, from the clerks who clearly appreciate a woman with a very stylish and eco friendly re-usable bags.


Well, as many of you know I have my Hawaii trip coming up. Which has equaled out to be ….. Expensive.


New Swim Suits: Looking Sexy on the beach for the hubby.

New Dress: Not looking like a Utah Hillbilly, but instead a very hot fashionista!

New Sandals: Well you have to have something to wear in Hawaii right?


As I sit her tonight and ponder this revelation, I think of the all the money I have carelessly spent, as well as the future money I am bound to spend if I do not get this habit under control. I think of my patient husband that brushes away his frustration under the pre-text that it is “not a big deal.” So as I lovingly tuck my Nordstrom’s card away, in an ice cube at the back of the Freezer, I will also think of the last two shirts I bought. Still in their bag….


Cream Tank: A perfect combo with my dark blue jeans, and together a perfect airport look.  Where I will look like a very cool, classic world traveler.


Black one shoulder tank: A smoldering tank that I can wear out with my husband, he will defiantly remember that he is one lucky man when I where that tank!


Meanwhile I will try to see these things for what they really are;


Cream Tank: Will get wrinkled and looked worn out by the time I get to Hawaii and I will probably look like a hot mess anyway because I have been traveling for four hours.


Black Tank: Will probably never go to said dinner, where this tank would be appropriate, therefore husband will never see and will have to remember how much he loves me all on his own.


I cannot make any promises. I will commit myself to budgeting, to saying NO and to generally be more conscious of the money I am spending. I am sure the road will be filled with potholes and items with very good potential memories, and I’m sure that I will fall along the way. But I promise to try.  Wish me luck fellow bloggers; I will keep you posted on my successes as they come along!



Ryan, Natalie, and Mae said...

Budgets suck...that's all I have to say. My husband loves them and loves keeping them. Guess it's for the best, right?

laura said...

you can do it! loren is putting us on a budget soon.....i am nervous. maybe we can keep each other on the right track!

Wendle said...

I have to say that this post made me do some serious thinking...I think I suffer from the same disease (considering we ran into each other at the mall. lol!)

You inspire me.

Anonymous said...

Oh girl, have you read, not just seen the movie, but read the books confessions of a shopaholic? You sound just like this girl! Good luck, I know you can do it.

Jaren and I just started a budget for the grovery shopping, it's going supprisinlgy well. Just make it realistic so you can stick to it.

Steph and Brock said...

Way-to-go! Budgets are SO hard, but SO worth it! You can do it!

Emily said...

Miranda, You just made my already crappy day amazing! I love your humour... you are the best :) Loves! PS. I promise we'll get together soon.

Wendle said...

Btw- putting videos on your blog is super easy. When you're on youtube, there is a spot on the right hand side that says embed with a little box to the right of it. When you click on it, you can customize the video (size and color), then you copy the html (aka the nonsensical). Then go to your blog and when you are writing a new post, at the top right it says compose or html. Click html and paste the video in the box where you usually write. Vwala! Done!

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