Thursday, September 24, 2009

My lonely date: Part 2

When I got home, it was late. I thought for sure that Mushy would be asleep. But as I walked into the kitchen I found him making up a hamburger. I watched him put toghether some bacon, spicy mayo, a patty and smiled. I put my arms around his waist, looked up at him and wanted to cry some more. How I adore this man. I love his quirkyness. Really, who makes a full meal @ 12:30 at night? But I really love the trust and support he gives me. I love how he helps me feel like I can still be me. Like I am not crazy for going to the movies by myself, and like he loves me a little bit more for doing it. I smiled up at him, and realized that while I had fun alone. I missed my Mushy. "I love you" I said. He looked down at me smiled, and kissed my forehead and then started in on his hamburger.  I laughed to myself as I got ready for bed. I felt that I had a very eventful night. 
1: How free and liberating I felt going to a movie all by my self! Who does that?
2: Yes, I even got myself a treat at the movies. 
3:  I cried my eyes out like a baby, and didn't even feel embarassed.
4: Realized that although I liked having the freedom to do things alone, I missed Mushy and realized that I am only alone without him. 
5: Remembered how different girls and boys are, and that while I had felt a span of emotion that evening, Mushy just had a regualr night out.

Mushys Night:
1: Boys night out, watching some fighting matches with a local Ultimate fighting Club.
2: Got home late. 
3: Made his favorite thing to eat, then ate it obscenly late at night. 
4: Went to bed.

Gotta love it.  


Emily said...

You word everything so beautifully. I loved the whole story! I want to see this outfit! Now, not to say that the whole "going to the movies alone" wasn't liberating, inspiring, exhilarating and all that jazz... but could I got with you next time? :)

Kassie and Jordon said...

I always want to go to a movie by myself, but get tired at like 7:30. So when I want to go is after having lunch at noon with Jordon (he works right by the theater)...but who would've thought...they don't actually play movies in the middle of the afternoon. It's probably for the best, since I'd end up going every other day.

Gracewanderer said...

Does Mushy do the fighting thing himself or does he just watch it?

Ranip said...

Mushy doesn't fight. He just revels in the brute force of it all.

Gracewanderer said...

I didn't think he seemed like the beating-people-up kind of guy. Much too mild mannered and well dressed. Also his face doesn't look like it's ever been smashed in. (I'm trying to say that he's too handsome for fighting.)

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