Sunday, September 20, 2009


Last night I went on a date, with myself.
I wore my new favorite LBD.

A fashionable headband, equip with bow and feathers. 
leggings with knee high boots and
my red scarf..... that is rapidly approaching a signature piece. 

"Am I too dressed up for a movie with myself?"I thought as I looked in the mirror before dashing out the door? 

Then I realized that I SHOULD want to look fabulous for my self. I twirled around in the mirror to give my hot bod on last look, and off I went.

As I was walking up to the ticket booth, I passed a group of tween girls. They "oohed" and "awed" as I walked past, and they told me that they loved my outfit. I flashed them a big smile and thanked them, fall the while feeling completley silly and frivilous for wearing such an outft to the movies. Then I bought 1 ticket to the "Time Travelers Wife ." Once inside I splurged and bought myself a kids popcorn combo. It came with a small drink, small popcorn and a packet of fruit snacks. 


I found my place in the theater, settled in , and started in on my popcorn. As I sat alone I reveled in my oneness. When the movie came to a point that hit me deeply,  I cried my eyes out I appreciated that I was alone. I probably cried longer and harder than I would have if I saw it with anybody else. I couldn't help but feel grateful for the choice I had made to go on a date alone. I felt like I could let loose and cry out some pent up emotion, and then heal all in the space of a movie. As I drove home, I felt like a liberated woman who was confident enough to enjoy life on my own. 

Do you ever go to the movies by yourself? Why or why not?


Lindsey said...

You are too cute! I say Way to Go! I have never actually gone to a movie by myself...I am not sure why. But now you have me thinking :o) Your outfit sounds adorable!

Wendle said...

This is so great! I took myself out on a date once last year. It had always been a goal of mine...I guess maybe to prove I could do it. It's kind of invigorating but I don't think I'll do it again any time soon. :)

Wendle said...

Btw-will you post pics of you in your outfit. I'm dying to see it.

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