Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 25: Oh Christmas tree...

I love my tree. I thought about adding a color this year. But it feels too perfect with the black, white and silver. We get annual ornaments, for the mush and the ying/yang twins. I have not picked them out yet. But for now, here is my tree. I picked some of my favorite ornaments to spotlight. Isn't it funny how a personal a tree is? Some like it bare, some over board. Some people like color lights, some color. Home made ornaments vs. store bought. My assistant told me a story today about her christmas tree growing up. They used to string it with home made popcorn and cranberries. Every Year her dog at the popcorn, but left the cranberries. Too funny! What do you think about Christmas trees? Is there a "wrong/right" way to do a tree?


Steph and Brock said...

wow, that is one incredible tree! i love it.

laura said...

it's beautiful! wish i could see it in real life. i love the non-color theme.

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