Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 26. A homemade Christmas Craft.

I have been looking for cute gift ideas and found this crafty Christmas Starfish, on one of my favorite home blogs. "Young House Love"

That is one frosty starfish! have not made one yet, but am looking forward to my day off, where I plan on making a variety. Snowman, Santa.... peacock? I imagine the possibilities are endless. (well, maybe not the peacock) I will let you know how it goes! In the mean time, what is your favorite Christmas Craft? Do you have one that you do traditionally every year? Or do you remember one year in particular? I was just at a rehabilitation center that my grandma is staying in, and going over memories with her. We reminisced about the year, she was helping me make my mom a Pot Holder for Christmas. Being too young to use a sewing machine, I sewed the majority by hand. It was not until I was completely done sewing that I realized I had sewed the pot holder to my pant leg! Needless to say, I had to start over, and sewed AWAY from the body from that day forth!

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laura said...

my girls need to come spend a week at your house. they could do crafts to their hearts' content!

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