Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 29

Today is a very special day! It is day 29. Which kicks off the countdown to Christmas. I have been brainstorming and gathering ideas for getting into the Christmas spirit, and decided that I wanted to share these ideas day by day with you. To start off, there is nothing like one BIG family dinner to get you into the spirit of cheer. Which brings us back to day 29. Thanksgiving.
Mushy deep fried a turkey. Yes, you read that correctly. Deep Fried. He tied it up, hooked it dunked it, and an hour later it was delish. He was so proud, he even posed for this photo. . The Mush HATES pictures, so happily posing is very out of character. Every one loved the turkey, so the deep fry was very successful.
I posted a few of my Thanksgiving decorations. I don't go overboard with Thanksgiving but I do like to highlight the day with some special pieces. That usually includes pumpkins, which were white and orange this year. As well as lots natural materials like the dried branches and sea grass table runner.
I also started a new tradition this year. Its a Thankful jar. All of our guest wrote out what they were thankful on the extra pieces of paper, and stuck it in the jar. When we host next year we will pull out every ones cards and read them at dinner. After reading through a few of them, and getting those fuzzy feelings of gratitude I decided to keep the jar out all year round. Its a large jar, and I am hoping that we can fill it completely by next year.

Now. Tell me about your day. Did you start any traditions? Carry on any old? I want to hear all about it.
Don't forget to check in tomorrow for our 1st tip on creating Christmas cheer!

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