Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sometimes I get it right.

We all know that Mushy is the chef of the house. He always make scrumptious dinners, and snacks. Every once in a while I will try my hand at something, and make him dinner. Mostly soups. I love to make soup. My "famous" soup is Zucchini. Green and delish. But tonight I tried out a recipe that I want to make for thanksgiving. Butternut squash. I have never eaten the squash, let alone have the soup, so I didn't know what I was getting my self into. I'll give you the run down.

#1: I bought the squash.


#2: Then you have to peel it. Which is where it gets tricky. They are so hard to peel, it took FOREVER!

#3: I stewed it, and made it super delish.

#4: Scooped it into bowls.

#5: Served it to Mushy. Now if you have eaten my food before, you already know that its a gamble. I'm a little reckless, and you never know when I will add Salt instead of sugar, or boil instead of saute. Some times its good, others...... well you get the point. So I was a little nervous to see what the Mush thought. Which brings us to .....


He loved it! I love that he loved it, it feels good to be the TOP CHEF tonight.


laura said...

good for you! it looks fabulous. that's some serious pressure cooking for your cook hubby.

Gracewanderer said...


can I get the recipe?

Lindsey said...

I am impressed! Way to go! I too love making soup I have a couple of really good recipes that are SUPER easy if you are interested. They are crock pot recipes so you just throw everything in the crock pot and 4-6 hours later you are good to go! We will have to exchange recipes :)

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